There was a page here, but it's gone now.

Summer's End

September 5, 2020

To everyone who has been reading thus far, thank you for your kind and patient patronage. I hope you'll continue to follow Amoreus Maleficarum in the future. It may have been a bit ambitious of me, but I have planned about one-thousand pages of twists, conflicts and revelations for Sadie to slash her way through. I have every intention of seeing that outline through to its conclusion. Maybe, someday, the wonky, ominous Latin name of the comic will actually make sense!

In the meantime, the manic-productive August I had expected had not come to be. To complicate this, my income and employment situations will be changing soon. I know for certain that I won't be able to promise or maintain a regular update schedule. But I will continue writing and drawing this comic as long as I have a desk to work from, and place to park it. I've grown too attached to my tangled web of characters, and their weird little world, to just give up on the project.

I have 'unpublished' the Patreon page, meaning it is no longer accessible, and will no longer draw from the people who had signed up. I don't feel right in asking for financial support unless I'm able to provide a more robust offering of content. I'll reopen it some day, but only when I feel that the quality and quantity of my work can justify it. For now, any sketches or other extra content will make its way to the DeviantArt page.

© 2020 Jody Brenton
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